Independent School

Education is and always has been an important part of society. Parents understand the need for their children to receive a good education so they can gain a head start in life and is also the reason why parents are always on the look out for the best possible education out there. 

Although state schools offer a good education and children who attend these school pass with good grades, it does not compare to the type of education that your children would receive in an Independent School. So despite the tough economic times, parents still make the sacrifice to keep their kids in an independent school.

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According to surveys, children attending independent school's are three times more likely to get better or higher grades than children who attend state schools. Parents are aware that the standard of education in these schools are better. One of the aspects that play a role in this belief is that in these schools teachers have more liberty to play around with their individual lessons. They have the freedom to present a lesson in a new or unconventional way so long as it gets the point across and the children actually learn what is supposed to be learned from that particular lesson. In state schools the curriculum is much more strict and teachers are not afforded certain liberties. So they have to stick to doing lessons the way it is outlined in the curriculum.

In private schools, teachers have more time to devote to each student. Unlike in state schools where there are far too many children in each class for teachers to dedicate individual time to each one and this is where a private school wins hands down.

Also, it is no secret that there are less children in independent school's than there are in state schools. This is mainly because the school fees are much higher in these independent school's and most parents choose to save that extra money and place their children in state schools. Now there is nothing wrong with this mentality, especially when it involves parents who earn an average or below average income, or in cases where there is only one source of income in the household.

However, there are those parents who earn an above average income and can afford to comfortably place their children in private schools. Most private schools are also single sex. This is attractive to parents as they feel more comfortable with their children being in school with their own sex. This is a big plus when it comes to boarding schools, as parents do not want their children being distracted by the opposite sex as is usually the case.

Private schools also offer superior facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and rugby pitches and parents want their children to have access to these facilities. There are quite a few differences between state and private schools, however, parents should also use their discretion and place their children in schools based on their earnings and living expenses.